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Simplify Your Recruitment Process with 3RNET PLUS TOOLS

Simplify Your Recruitment Process with 3RNET PLUS TOOLS

Affordable and User-Friendly Technology for Safety Net Facilities

3RNET, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to healthcare recruitment in rural and underserved communities, is excited to introduce its latest product, 3RNET PLUS TOOLS. This Tool is a...
Best Practices for Candidate Referral Programs

Best Practices for Candidate Referral Programs

Candidate referrals can be a very lucrative recruitment strategy for you. Reports show that employee referrals are the top source for receiving quality candidates and are statistically shown to...
2022 Academy Summary

2022 Academy Summary

Guiding Your Recruitment for Retention Process - Practical Tools to Position Yourself as an Employer of Choice in Today's Workforce Environment

This year’s Academy followed the 3RNET’s four-part Recruiting for Retention Guidebooks which incorporate our guiding principles and best practices, curated by years of collective...